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QualMark GOLD reconfirmed

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently had the Qualmark Gold Sustainability Award reconfirmed! This achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible practices.

The Qualmark Gold Sustainability Award is a prestigious recognition within the tourism industry, and it reflects our hard work and dedication. Meeting the rigorous criteria and demonstrating exceptional sustainable practices is a true honour and reinforces our position as a leader in environmental and social responsibility.

Receiving this award is not only a point of pride for us, but it also sets us apart as an organization that prioritizes eco-friendly and ethical travel options. We believe that responsible tourism is essential for making a positive impact on the environment and the local communities we serve. We are delighted to have achieved this again and look forward to hosting you.


Our Sustainable Journey Continues 

Having been operators since 2001 we have made many steps towards reducing our carbon use.

Recycling, reducing the use of plastics, conserving water and other resources, repairing in order to reduce our purchases, driving when only necessary, is part of the everyday practices at Cobden Garden.

Now that we have PV cells on our roof, we have reduced our consumption of electricity from the grid.  In summer when the sun shines brightly we in fact have made more electricity than we have used and have diverted excess electricity back to our supplier.  As the payments from the suppliers are minimal compared to cost to us

we have investigated the next steps and have purchased an electric vehicle and installed an EV charger that charges when there is excess electricity being generated from our PV system.

Whilst initially costly we will reduce our carbon and driving costs which in the long term will reduce our living costs.  We can now travel with a clear conscience and a consequence of this is that we are able to visit our local suppliers and not have to depend on the closest stores.  A win win!




The hosts of Bed and Breakfasts can be the best curators of your time with them. Especially if they take or make the opportunity to experience the activities available in the region.

Art Deco Trust Vintage Car Tour.

Napier is famous for its Art Deco architecture and the infamous 1931 earthquake.  Whilst the devastation of that quake destroyed the buildings and the lives of many who lived here at the time a blank canvas was created to allow for the design and rebuild of a new city and the Art Deco style was the architectural style of the time and well suited to a speedy rebuild that was structurally strong.  In just over 2 years Napier was recreated.  For over 30 years the Art Deco Trust has been protecting, preserving and restoring these buildings after it was realised the city had something unique to offer. Thousands of visitors get to learn about this by joining in a walking tour, taking a tour in a vintage car or a bus tour.  Guided by enthusiastic volunteers the history and the anecdotes bring this history alive and whilst in the 20 years we have lived here we have participated in these activities our recent vintage car tour refreshed our memories and enlightened us further.  Highly recommended for our visitors.


QualMark GOLD.

In March our Qualmark Business Advisor was able to visit and assess our B&B.  A visit that had been delayed for nearly two years because of Covid.  Whilst we have achieved 4 + stars for a number of years which indicate the standard of our accommodation and its facilities the sustainable awards take in much more and to achieve GOLD recognises us as one of the most high quality, safe and sustainable accommodation providers in New Zealand. We have to quote the letter accompanying our certificate "met standards designed to protect what makes New Zealand unique and special, including our spectacular landscapes and scenery, our warm welcoming people and the ability to safely participate in our many and varied tourism offerings."  We are delighted to have achieved this and look forward to hosting you.








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