News from Cobden Garden Homestay,  Bed and Breakfast, Napier, Hawke’s Bay,

New Zealand.

HBTAward2015SMALL17 September 2015. We are thrilled to announce that we have been named the winners of the Hawke’s Bay Tourism Accommodation Award for 2015.

The awards were led by Hawke’s Bay Tourism in conjunction with its parent group the Hawke’s Bay Tourism Industry Association (HBTIA). Hawke’s Bay Tourism General Manager Annie Dundas said “We’re delighted to see such great industry engagement and support of each other because it’s important to take time to acknowledge and celebrate local businesses who work so hard to deliver amazing experiences for visitors to Hawke’s Bay. The winners here tonight play a pivotal part in doing that and are well deserving of their accolades.”   

The 2015 results:   

2015 People’s Choice Award Winner: Kennedy Park Resort Napier Sponsored by The Hits Radio Station

2015 Supreme Award Winner: Nimon & Sons Sponsored by EIT

2015 Accommodation Winner: Cobden Garden Homestay Sponsored by Central Linen Services

2015 Activity and Attraction Winner: Nimon & Sons Sponsored by Hastings District Council

2015 Small Business Award Winner: Hawke’s Bay Express Sponsored by Napier City Council

26 June 2014. We are always delighted by the birds in our garden at Cobden Garden, Homestay, Bed and Breakfast.  The native birds are especially rewarding. From day break to dusk we enjoy their song. We hope you enjoy these photos.

28 May 2014.

It has been a busy and enjoyable Bed and Breakfast season.  A few more guests than last year and overall we have had pretty good weather in Hawke’s Bay.  I have had the bonus of a friend helping me also.  She has been a great asset.  I really should have posted the finished kitchen photos before this.  I have not had to  work in a space under construction all season.  It has been bliss having a lot more bench space, double ovens and two sink areas.  One being a double sink.  Phillip has done a fantastic job with all of the cabinetry.

11 September 2013.

The electricians and the plumbers are weaving their magic so we have electrical sockets in the correct places, new taps and an extra sink and so it goes on. At present our kitchen is a stripped-out shell but the cabinets are all ready and waiting to go back in place.  It has been a long process but we are counting down now.


27 August 2013. 

The programme for Hawke’s Bay’s second Food and Wine Classic – F.A.W.C. has been published and distributed and can be seen on We do have some vacancies for this period ( 1- 10 November ) so do check our availability and come enjoy a wonderful food and wine experience.


8 August 2013.  We are having amazing weather and I have not even prepared the garden for spring.  Consequently I am very busy pruning and tidying.  Some roses do not realise they should have finished blooming.  However I have had to sacrifice the show of colour in my garden so we will get a great show in November.